About UV

Uniquely Victoria is a multi-faceted and minority owned creative firm. We specialize in Media, Writing, and of course Fashion Design. Although, we engage in multiple things that are linked together, this site is dedicated to our fashion adventures.

You be maybe thinking and rolling those eyes, another clothing line here we go. BUT this company is called Uniquely Victoria for a reason. This isn’t meant to be your typical fashion brand or clothing line. We are here to reverse the way people see or think about fashion and clothes. We promise to be transparent, authentic, diverse, and original with everything that we put out.  

Uniquely Victoria collaborated and partnered with fashion designer Ticha Maegna, located in South Africa for production of all the designs you’ll see, feel and wear. We believe that fashion is meant to make a statement and be an experience. Whether that is confidence, wearable art, or a conversation and honestly, we hope UV provides all three things. We solely produce limited edition pieces and collections for our fashion rebels. You may think it’s for the exclusivity, but that’s not it. We thrive in creating a world with individuality, sustainability, and purpose.

How are we being transparent? We keep it real. We are not out here to be the next Chanel or Dior. We are here to question how the industry is and make changes in a way that benefits us all.

How are we being authentic? We understand everyone won’t like our pieces and we’re okay with that. However, we know that our pieces speak to some, the ones who may love color, the one’s that see the uniqueness, or those who don’t want something that everyone else is wearing. Whatever it is
that speaks to you.

How are we being original? No copycatting!
Everything you see here is designed and drawn up by Victoria Lee & made by
Ticha Maegna. To us this is an art form to express how we see and show up to
the world. If others see the vision, more power to them.


With all of that being said. There was a reason why you were drawn to Uniquely Victoria, now it’s up to you to decide the next step.




Owner Victoria Lee

Look styled by: Sherie Renell

Founder and Creative Director

 Victoria Lee is a fun, dynamic, relatable, and a bold person. Having lived in various states all over the USA, she really picked up a strong desire to be cultural aware. 

Originally from the beautiful state of Colorado, while on her journey of discovery, she discovered her many passions. When not pursuing her purpose of fashion, host interviewing & writing. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, eating and finding new adventures.


For Victoria it was a curvy path to getting to where she is now. Coming from a finance and corporate background it was an interesting and hard shift going straight into a creative serial entrepreneur. Always being one who tried to fit herself in a box, unfortunately or a cookie cutter life. The day she stopped is when the her world changed for the better.

"We tend to force ourselves into what we think things should be vs allowing to flow in the right direction."


Now, that Victoria has found her true purpose on exposing the Queens and Jacks of all trades. She is happy waking up every morning not knowing exactly how the day will go, but that she is doing what she was born to do!




Ticha Maenga is a big dreamer but simultaneously a realist that is based in beautiful South Africa.

She has had an adventurous career, navigating from the industries of hotel & catering management, marketing, editing and legal secretary. That all finally led to pursuing fashion design and manufacturing. Ticha is the type of woman who loves anything creative, from quilt making to bridal - Ticha is creating it. With her living in the rainbow nation; Ticha will always push for making women from all backgrounds, shapes and sizes feel confident in themselves. She is a big family person, her & her husband have a daughter and son. Don’t be surprised if you hear about a crazy adventure they endured that will always end with an animal analogy. How can you blame her?! Growing up in Zimbabwe and Mozambique on a farm, animals will always be in the discussion some way or another. She is also an avid lover of learning, daring adventures and sports; though tennis is her all time favorite.

She partnered with UV, believing in the vision & knowing it aligned with her own goals and missions.


Fashion Apprentice


My name is Gerise Wilson. I'm originally from the Midwest, but now currently living southwest in Colorado, with my husband and two kids. I consider myself very optimistic and a risk taker type of person. I have taken to the finance industry and finished college in 2018 with a major in accounting. After moving to Colorado in 2020 I later studied and obtained my mortgage license in 2021 with the experience of being a mortgage loan processor.

As a fellow entrepreneur. I’ve met so many people who have blessed me with opportunities and connections that move me into proper places and spaces to succeed. Lately, I have had a strong desire to learn and step in more towards the fashion industry. My passion is aligning myself with the most high that have divinity. My goal in this fashion industry is to be as creative as possible along with healing, blessing, and helping others bring out their own potential. I am excited to be joining the UV team to further develop my understanding of fashion. In hopes of becoming a fashion designer or stylist I can't wait to see where this path will lead me 😊.