About UV

Victoria Lee is a fun, dynamic, relatable, and a bold person. Having lived in various states all over the USA, she really picked up a strong desire to be cultural aware.

"There is more to this world than ourselves, why not get to know what is out there", she states.


Originally from the beautiful state of Colorado, while on her journey of discovery, she discovered her many passions. When not pursuing her purpose of fashion, host interviewing & writing. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and finding out new adventures.


For Victoria it was a curvy path to getting to where she is now. Coming from a finance and corporate background it was an interesting and hard shift going straight into a creative and entrepreneur. She was one who also tried to fit herself in a box, unfortunately or a cookie cutter life. The day she stopped her world changed for the better.

"We tend to force ourselves into what we think things should be vs allowing to flow in the right direction."


Now, that Victoria has found her true purpose on exposing the Queens and Jacks of all trades of the world. She is happy waking up every morning not knowing exactly how the day will go, but that she is doing what she is born to do!