What to expect from fashion shows?

What to expect from fashion shows?

Victoria Lee with Uniquely Victoria Media

Written by Victoria Lee

The evolution of purpose

The ambience of Miami is seen throughout the crowd as we await the fashion show. For those who may not be familiar with Miami. It’s a mixture of a party city, glitz & glamour and fakeness. As I sit and scroll through his Instagram, trying to learn more about the designer I am about to see. My initial thought is “this is going to be another typical Miami scene.” The stage was set up with different colored pink, fluorescent lights, a goddess statue and a red Ferrari. Like I said a typical Miami draw of glitz and glamour.

While I am sitting waiting for the show to start besides seeing this new vaping obsession. I saw people of all different cultures, ages, social status and backgrounds. Some were co-mingling; some were standing alone, and others were just chilling while the music bumped. The show began with a silver painted woman with goddess like antlers on her head. A solo of a woman playing a cello engaging the crowd as they anxiously waited for the designs to show.

The cello danced our ears with the sound of music, while slowly walking down a spiral staircase approached a model in a long sleeve brown & white frill ruffle dress. She spun around giving air to the flow of the dress. The fluorescent lights switched to yellow and green while pictures of flowers projected on the back wall. This part of the collection was airy, flowy and light-hearted with a mixture of brighter fabrics. As the show continued the vibrancy of colors changed exhibiting darker colors, portraying the thunderstorm that has come or is to come.

You began to see this evolution of flowy which I took for love, his love of design while beginning his road. While it developed into this dark period that pressured out a diamond with sleek, elegant, and diverse pieces. You saw culture throughout the darkness of his collection, from the models to fabrics he chose. All catering to his evolution over time. You could feel his passion of being an artist while beginning to understand his journey. As designers start to be more vocal of the trials and tribulations of the fashion industry. You start to see this revelation of themselves through their artistry, that something lurks deeper underneath of it all.

Forever Lavi is a designer who is deeper than meets the eye but yet appeals to those who are face value as well. He has a message for all, whether you’re all about the glitz or glamour or something more meaningful. My last remark will be this fashion show was going in the right direction for the industry. Bridging the gap between different cultures, appealing to a multitude of individuals, while still keeping his art form alive. Fashion is beginning to change; we can all feel it. It is more designers like this who’s passion and drive for change that will truly make a big impact.

Fashion shows are a way for one to tell their story, their journey through the fashion industry. It's a better way to visually see the garment, and get a sense of the fashion designer themselves. 

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