Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist: Sherie Renell. Photographer: Andre Scheidt

Why the go-to Fashion Stylist of the year says style and design go hand and hand

Sherie Renell's headshot was taken by fashion photographer Andre Scheidt
Written by: Victoria Lee

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It was a sunny day in downtown Miami when Sherie Renell walked in for the interview. She was interviewing for The Juice: Rise & Shine which is a YouTube series on unstoppable women; within the fashion and entertainment industry. She walked into the room with a beautiful pink pleated skirt, edgy denim top and denim booties to match. Showing up and showing out for her interview; Sherie showed exactly why she is a fashion and wardrobe stylist. This interview was about to set things off right.

Sherie is originally from Detroit, MI where she discovered her love for the fashion industry since she was a child. Strongly believing that in fashion first impressions matter and leads by that example. She currently is living in the South Florida area. However, that does not stop her from styling all over with virtual styling packages.

When Sherie styles her clients it’s not just about what’s trending or popular at the time. She does a deep dive into knowing her clients and does what’s best for them. For Sherie’s process it’s a matter of knowing what’s going to complement the client’s body, complexion, and personality. Creating an overall package guaranteed to get you POPPIN. It’s a true skill to imagine a personality and instantly know what clothing choices are best. In our interview she shows proof of what she can do when provided a scenario.

Sherie has an incredible, diverse portfolio of styling clientele that can be checked out on her website .

The one thing I’ve learned from Sherie during our interview was: fashion is more than just style. It’s about embodying a style that portrays who you are!

However, there is plenty to learn from Sherie about fashion overall. Whether it is styling, designing, modeling or runway sets, she covers it all. Even I have picked up and learned plenty from this year’s go-to fashion stylist.

Whether you need a stylist or are interested in becoming one. Here are some details Sherie provides:

Victoria: What is it about styling or design that makes you come alive?

Sherie: I see amazing concepts in my head all the time, so to be able to bring them to life brings me so much fulfillment. Also, being able to work with some amazing people displaying their craft is always a wonder to see. 

Victoria: Now, you’ve mentioned you are a fashion/wardrobe stylist & a designer. How do those two worlds merge or complement each other?

Sherie: Both a designer and a fashion stylist go hand in hand. Both require you to understand the structure of the body, fabrics, construction and fit. I think having a design background is what makes me such a great stylist because I understand how clothes work. 

Victoria: Who would be your dream person to style or design for?

Sherie: I haven’t thought about this before. But if I had to choose it would be the music artist H.E.R. I absolutely love everything about her. 

Victoria: You’ve thought about or are thinking about costume design. What intrigues you the most with that position?

Sherie: Costume Design requires you to dig deep in your creativity because you are bringing the visual piece of a character to life. It’s the first thing the audience sees before the actor even gets a chance to speak. So, in a sense you create the first impression of the character and I think that’s dope. 

Victoria: Being a fashion/wardrobe stylist, what is one thing you would change in that market for the better?

Sherie: I would change the ideal that styling is just shopping. It’s a job that requires your mind to be at work all the time. You have to make peoples concepts come off of paper and into reality. It takes a lot of skill if you’re doing it right. 


Here is a preview of what you can expect from Sherie’s full interview. She is funny, creative, and passionate; all things to make for an incredible styling or designing experience.

Preview: Fashion Stylist Sherie Renell giving tips


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