Fashion Designer: Kimaya McPherson, Photographer: Dio Burto Photography

How to get the bridal fashion designer of your dreams?


Written by: Victoria Lee

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Warm, comfortable, and inviting were the feelings that came over me as I entered the home of fashion designer Kimaya McPherson. There stood a coffee table with lemonade and banana nut bread just for me as a guest. She fancied up her living room with a beautiful blue evening dress, which was in the process of being designed. Today was her day with interviewing for The Juice: Rise & Shine which is a YouTube series on unstoppable women; within the fashion industry.  

Surrounded by influential aspects of her culture, Kimaya was destined for the life of fashion and the entertainment world. Originally from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, this Tobagonian shines at the thought of anything creative. Whether it is acting, writing, but most importantly fashion. Kimaya discovered her love of fashion as a child. Even during moments of contemplation with pursuing fashion that path it always prevailed. Confirming that fashion design is a part of her purpose.

However, the discovery of entering the bridal & evening industry wasn’t until she met the one, whom she wanted to marry. It was in this moment she decided to give herself her own bridal experience from a designer perspective. The Queen’s collection was born. Now knowing exactly what it feels like to be a bride and wanting the perfect dress. This moment guided her to what is now known as Kimaya McPherson Bridal Couture: .

If you ever have the pleasure of being around Kimaya, you will notice a pure energy about her. One that makes you feel special, beautiful, loved, and confident all in one. The perfect fashion bridal designer, don’t you think?! To get a little more background on Kimaya see the questions below:


Victoria: What are key skills you feel fashion designers need to have?

Kimaya: Believing in oneself and understanding that you are the one in control of your vision and aesthetic. Claim who you and what you are. After that, know that what you do has value and act accordingly.

Victoria: What is your favorite fabric to work with?

Kimaya: My favorite fabric to work with is Organza! I love its delicacy and its drape.

Victoria: What is the most difficult fabric you’ve had to design in?

Kimaya: Vinyl. Yikes!!

Victoria: When is the most common time design visions, come to your mind?

Kimaya: Designs and creative visions come to my mind at the most random times. They are so unexpected! For instance, they come right after I just fell asleep in the middle of the night, or during my workouts. I am usually on the leg press at the gym sketching my ideas in the air trying to hold on to them, so I do not forget.

Victoria: If there is one thing you would enhance in the fashion industry, what would it be?

Kimaya: There are a few things but the first thing that comes to mind is permanent diversity. Not just trending diversity but lasting diversity in models, sizes and personalities as well as other areas of the industry like editors and designers too. I think there are many talented people in the world and we don’t all look the same. Opportunities and support should be accessible to persons with high potential and abilities in fashion. I think that would make for a great change. Sustainability in fashion is another one that is heading in a positive direction.

Victoria: Being a fashion designer yourself. When you get a chance to watch other fashion shows. What goes through your mind as they design?

Kimaya: I absolutely adore fashion contests like Making the Cut and Project Runway. I have auditioned for them both and I would love the opportunity to have the experience of being on either of those shows! It excites me to know that one person who has probably shared some very similar experiences as me is about to have the opportunity of a lifetime to live their dreams. I am usually so excited for all the contestants that make it there, they get the opportunity to show the world what they are made of and that’s a big deal!


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