Uniquely Victoria Women's Wear

The Juice: Rise & Shine

  • Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist: Sherie Renell


    Fashion styling merges and complements fashion design that one can't live without the other. According to our fashion stylist of the year these two things "go hand in hand!"

    To learn more about the world of fashion and styling. Sherie Renell will help provide the information you need.

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  • Fashion Shows

    What to expect from a fashion show?! It's the epitome of true artistry. Telling a story of their journey, their inspiration or their evolution. It can be a powerful experience if done correctly.

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  • Partnership

    Where would a fashion brand be without a manufacturer. Finding a manufacturer can be one of the hardest things in starting a clothing line. UV was lucky enough to find a partner in South Africa. Find out how we make it work.

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  • Uniquely Victoria in GMARO Magazine

    GMARO Magazine Publication

    Uniquely Victoria has had the honor in being published in GMARO Fashion Magazine. July issue #26

  • Malvie Special Edition Publication

    Uniquely Victoria was delighted to be published in the Noir Special Edition. July 2022 Issue for Malvie Fashion Magazine.

  • Shuba Magazine Publication

    Uniquely Victoria was published in Shuba Magaine for their September 2022 Fashion issue.